“Learning English in Modern Era”

As time passes by, the development of technology and communication among people is thriving. This goes the same for their intelligence where citizen are required to improve in many aspects. One of the skills that should be mastered among the people is English proficiency, as this international language plays an important key in the adaptation of people who are living in the modern era. In accordance with learning English, there are three aspects that can be explored.  They are English Language Teaching (ELT), Linguistic, and Literature. In ELT, educators are demanded to be more competent and creative in arranging the materials and choosing the methods that in line with the era the students are living in. From literature aspect, learning English in this modern era can broaden their way of thinking through the literary work of many people in different forms. In linguistic aspect, learning English in modern era will bring changes in the usage of diction which will in turn improve their communication skills.

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